Integrity. Hard Work. Results.

In the assisted living business, seniors housing market and in the construction business, success is built on so much more than brick and mortar. It is built on relationships, integrity, foresight, hindsight and hard work. It is built with great care and a passion for getting it right, no matter what the challenge, no matter what the project. In so doing, Buron has built not only a host of successful residential and senior’s housing developments. It has built trust amongst those who work with the company, those who work for the company, and those who live in its residences.

A recognized business leader and entrepreneur, Howard N. Addison founded the Buron Group of Companies in 1981 upon immigrating to Canada from the U.K. Mr. Addison’s personal vision, strategic direction, project evaluation, and hand-selected management team have all played a role in Buron’s incredible success. From publicly subsidized housing to multi-residential complexes to adult-oriented homes to senior living communities, Buron has realized impressive profits while making a positive impact on the lives of many, both in Canada and the United States.

As it continues to expand both its properties and proprietary systems, Buron will continue to succeed. This you can trust.